About us

Yourequal is a project led by the community for the community. We are currently a team of 6 committed people working on their free time to build empowering tools for underrepresented groups in the workplace. Like some of the people we aim to serve, we are a mixture of marginalised genders, LGBTQ+, BiPOC, immigrant, parent, and neurodiverse identities.

Lucie Le Naour (any pronouns)


Born and raised in France, Lucie left the mothership at age 21 in 2008 and never came back! After studying and working in various European countries, Lucie settled in Berlin in 2012, where she still lives. Since then, she’s worked as a translator/linguist/technical writer for 6 different companies, in industries ranging from E-commerce to IIoT.

She has a lot to say about the impact of workplace culture on mental health and on working as a womxn in tech. At Yourequal, Lucie takes care of all things content, product management, and community building.

Lucie identifies as a queer, genderfluid, neurodivergent person of colour.

Anca Muntean (she/her)


Anca grew up in Romania and moved to the United Kingdom for her higher education and first job. She relocated to Berlin in 2015, where she still lives. As a Business Transformation consultant and later strategist, she had the opportunity to work in a variety of European organisations across industries and experiences their cultures as both an internal employee and an external advisor.

As a woman professional in tech and with working experience in shaping organisations, Anca has identified a gap between designed organisational cultures and lived working experiences, sustained by ignorance.

At Yourequal, Anca’s focus is on community building, fundraising and thought leadership for systematic change.

Anca identifies as woman, is a parent and has lived as an immigrant her entire adult life.

Alyce Rosentreter (she/her)


Alyce was raised in Brisbane, Australia, and first relocated to London in 2012. After a lot of travel, and figuring things out, she moved to Berlin in 2019. As a sales and revenue operations professional, working for different industries across Europe, US, Asia & Australia, she has extensive experience working with people from different backgrounds in various industries.

She is passionate about understanding the impacts of the lack of support for underrepresented groups in the tech industry, especially in the start-up space.

At Yourequal, Alyce is a generalist, looking after social media accounts, and general administration.

Alyce identifies as woman, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and has lived as an immigrant for many years.  

Maxime Rabot (he/him)

Visual Designer

A dual citizen, Maxime grew up between France and Germany and settled in Berlin in 2009, where he still lives.

With over 10 years experience in digital design, Maxime’s passion is all about creating inventive, meaningful and accessible digital experiences that bring people together.

At Yourequal, Maxime takes care of the Yourequal visual identity and platform design.

Maxime is a single parent of 3 who knows a thing or two about balancing parenthood with a career in design and other personal projects.

Anna Yudina (she/they)

Software Engineer

Anna was born in Estonia, grew up in Russia, studied in Switzerland, and now lives in Berlin.

Software engineer by trade, they work full time as a technical lead in a femtech company. They also volunteer as a programmer for various human rights projects.

At Yourequal, Anna takes care of the technical side of things and builds the Yourequal employer-rating platform.

Anna identifies as non-binary and queer.

Sanchari Ghosh Roy (she/her)

Blog Content Creator

Sanchari was born and raised in India and has been an expatriate in Berlin since 2017. As a software professional, working across various countries in the world, often being the only woman of colour in the team she believes in the need for a platform like Yourequal.  

At Yourequal, Sanchari works on sharing people’s stories and workplace experiences and some of her opinions via the blog.